Scientific and technological innovation enables green development
Scientific and technological
innovation enables green development
Scientific and technological innovation R&d results Intelligent manufacturing

Scientific and technological innovation

Research and development strength

After more than 30 years of industry accumulation, and thanks to continuous research and development investment and excellent research and development team, the company has many industry-leading core technologies。In the process of in-depth delivery with customers, we extract common technical modules and platforms to solve difficult problems for the industry。

Waterproofing agent
Fibre oil
Binding agent
Exterior remedy
Crosslinking agent
Antistatic agent
Flame retardant
Antibacterial agent
R&d team

There are experts of Zhejiang Thousand Talents Plan, government subsidy experts, 151 talents of Zhejiang Province, 131 talents of Hangzhou City, etc.

There are global R&D centers, research institutes, research institutes, joint R&D centers, etc。

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World-class R&D hardware configuration

The laboratory area is more than 20,000 square meters,

Equipped with precision analytical instruments亿Yuan, continue to maintain more than 50% annual growth in research and development investment

Applied research
Physical and chemical analysis
Pilot study
R&d results

Chuanhua Chemical has built a global technology research and development system, with national technology centers, postdoctoral research stations, academician workstations and European research and development bases, and has always been at the forefront of industry technology development to meet the changing needs of customers。

Leading in more than 280 proprietary technologies such as polymer synthesis and modification, surface interface control;
National printing and dyeing auxilliaries, dye industry standards drafting units, organized the development of industry national standards, industry standards more than 300;
It has more than 500 authorized national invention patents, and the innovation achievement industry is far ahead。

  • 280 +
    Proprietary technology
  • 300 +
    Organize custom industry standards
  • 500 +
    National invention patent
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