Water-based PA polymer
Functional polymer
Water-based PA polymer

Water-based PA polymer

  • Water-based emulsion

    Feel very hard, thick, yellow small。Suitable for the foam coating of home textiles, also suitable for the coating of luggage cloth, spray cotton, hard non-woven fabric spray or foam impregnation finish。

  • Aqueous PA Emulsion

    Feel firm, thick, good elasticity。It is suitable for coating, dipping or foam finishing in the fields of home textile, luggage and non-woven。

  • Textile emulsion

    Feel firm, thick, good resilience, yellow small, good environmental protection。Suitable for home textiles, bags and other fabrics coating or foam finishing。

  • Textile emulsion

    After coating, feel thick, dry, elastic, excellent fastness。It is suitable for coating finishing of bags, curtains and decorative fabrics。

  • Textile emulsion

    The film feels soft, dry and smooth。Suitable for foam coating or nonwovens saturated impregnation and foam impregnation finishing of home textiles。

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